Systems for Process Management

Flexible systems for process management connecting fully automated systems, part-automated machines and manual working stations are our specialty. The unique service platform “The Automation Construction Set” (TACS) works as a combined process and information management system. We use TACS as a set for the automation of biotechnological processes which can be tailor-made to your needs.

TACS is based on the strict implementation of model-based representation and execution of biotechnological processes which allows for complete tracking of all substances and consumables. The technical service of TACS comprises:

  • Model-based representation of protocols
  • Complete tracking of all substances and consumables
  • Scheduling of multi processes and multi resources
  • Flexible runtime environment for fast implementation of logic devices and additionally required functionality
  • Communication infrastructure for embedding proprietary or generic communication interfaces by using existing native support of SiLA and OPC UA
  • Support of native device operators
  • Uniform, integrated logging
  • Tailor-made economic interfaces for end users as well as administrator console
  • If desired, you can use TACS source-opened for projects to enable a long-term service of your systems.