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Our offer

Besides interesting and innovative fields of work, Frauhofer IPA offers possibilities that exceed the routine.


Each year, about 15 colleagues of Fraunhofer IPA submit their dissertation. Their daily contributions in a scientific specialty department provides them with the necessary materials. The impulses for innovative themes for dissertations are given by questions arising during the daily project work.

The personal contact and the closeness to the management of our institute enable an uncomplicated approach of finding and discussing your theme.

As a colleague, you are able to use the infrastructure of Fraunhofer IPA while preparing your dissertation. You will additionally be supported by dissertation workshops which are held regularly. These workshops offer you the possibility to discuss your own status of work and that of your colleagues.

Further training

Fraunhofer IPA offers a far-ranging systematized concept of qualification. Seminars in the field of project management, moderation or even language courses amend your professional qualification.

We also provide the opportunity of professional qualification. You are allowed to attend seminars of external providers and congresses of your area of expertise. At these congresses, you will get in touch with other experts and get the possibility to discuss technical questions.


Innovative research requires an excellent infrastructure. That is why we provide you with up-to-date work stations. In this connection, it is irrelevant whether it concerns a PC-work station, laboratory processes or testing fields – only the optimal equipment allows for forward-looking results.

After Fraunhofer

The Fraunhofer Society offers excellent development chances for young academics. University graduates of technical and natural scientific specialization have ideal possibilities to qualify for responsible jobs in the industry. Practical and project-oriented activities prepare for the requirements of modern companies. 80 % of the releasing colleagues change to high-quality jobs in industry.