Human-Machine Interaction

All processes – even manual, partly automated or totally automated ones – need ergonomic user interfaces to enable a robust and specific interaction between humans, machines and computers. We do research in the field of novel interaction concepts based on current technology and demonstrate its benefit for biomedical applications through prototypes. Our service offer includes concept development, detailed development and implementation of interactive and graphical concepts both for conventional and for novel user interfaces – executed professionally and in close cooperation with you. The multi touch service of our electronic laboratory journal Merlin or the contactless, gesture-based control of robotic assistants for minimally-invasive surgery are examples of our developments.

Information Assistant

Automated devices and systems today are based on ergonomic user interfaces and on efficient data processing. We develop software that communicates as an information assistant between humans and machines by using application-oriented solutions for the management and evaluation of incoming data. This software can be integrated seamlessly in your system.

One example of such an information assistant application is Merlin. This system transfers the concept of a novel, electronic laboratory journal using modern multi touch hardware integrated in a laboratory bench and therefore using the benchtop as an interface for information systems. Merlin is based on our automated construction kit “The Automation Construction Set” (TACS) which offers the basic functions for device communication, for process management and for administration of samples and substances. The user interface of Merlin is optimized for the interaction with users to enable the best possible control and execution of manual processes.