Device Control & Cross Linking of Systems

Control software, interfaces, protocols and standards for communication are elementary topics each expert for automation is confronted with. The most sophisticated hardware can only convince if its control software is efficient and the user interface is graphically appealing as well as intuitive.

Fraunhofer PAMB develops embedded device controls on the basis of current technologies: from micro-controllers to industrial SPS up to Windows and Linux systems, and if required, operating systems for real-time applications. Our device controls have modern user interfaces with ergonomic design and high serviceability. We count on extensive know-how on current communication standards (e. g. I2C, ModBus, OPC UA, SiLA, HL7,…) as well as on the correct set of tools to be able to control and link systems in medicine and biotechnology.

We really look forward to assisting you in all phases of development: from the draft of control concepts, user interaction and graphic concepts to the implementation and execution of complete software applications – from specifications to serial production prototypes.