Imaging Systems

Imaging plays a key role in medicine and biotechnology. The possibilities of application range from microscopy up to radiology.

Imaging methods comprise the recording as well as the application of different inputs, e. g. optical signals (microscopes, endoscopes), acustic signals (sonography), electric or magnetic signals (MRI, impedance tomography) as well as X-rays (X-ray, PET). Imaging enables the researchers or scientists getting information that exceed the demonstration of tissue: it additionally shows structures, anatomy, physiology, function and pathology. Those contents exist in different scales. They reach from the molecular to the cellular, the tissue, the organic and the system level up to the organism level. Furthermore, imaging has led the biomedical discoveries since the era of microscopes. Today, research and development as well as clinical applications range in areas like diagnostic, intervention, therapeutics and development of medicines.

We develop new optical, multi-spectral imaging technologies and products for application in medicine and biotechnology. With respect to the progress in the field of molecular fluorescence imaging, we imagine a future in which optical-led diagnostic and interventional procedures enable an improved therapy and fast convalescence of patients.

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