Automation in Medicine and Biotechnology

Automation is the next industrial revolution in the fields of medicine and biotechnology. One significant aspect is the personalisation of diagnostics and therapy. Laboratory automation enables individualised robust diagnostic processes at a low cost. Automation in medicine introduces novel tools and robotics to enhance the clinician’s abilities.

Automation technology in medicine and biotechnology is most importantly the integration of different technologies into one system. We have many years of experience in industrial automation and the development of devices, instruments, and software for industry. Since the founding of PAMB, we can apply this expertise to medicine and biotechnology and evaluate the results directly with our clinical partners in Mannheim.

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Linked to a powerful and innovative society

We are located in CUBEX41 on the campus of the University Medical Centre Mannheim. This innovative competence centre offers the chance to work very close to our customers and partners. You gain access to a unique development environment such as the intervention room of the future and the Biomedical Innovation Lab. As a partner of the Medical Technology Cluster Mannheim, we are efficiently connected, also exceeding the geographical limits of the city. In Mannheim, the MedTech branch offers more than 7.000 jobs and thus is one of the largest domains also providing more than 14.000 jobs in the pharmaceutical industry. This well-established infrastructure shortens the path to optimal cooperation partners and guarantees maximum success of developing innovations. This is another reason why Mannheim is the ideal location for business and research.

We develop automation solutions and innovations for medicine and biotechnology with clinical and industrial partners

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